While many students who are good in both math and science in high school, this does not necessarily mean being an engineer is the right path for them, but may do well in as a scientist. A main difference between the in their work. A scientist searches for answers to technological questions to obtain an understanding of why a phenomenon occurs, as the engineer would do so with an application in mind. Science is about discovering things or acquiring new knowledge and always ask, “Why?”, to understand what things are made of and the components of how it was made, as in a new drug to stop a virus. An engineer would ask “Why?”, as well, but in the search of why a product is being prevented from being produced. Although the engineer and scientists differ, many do work together in the same fields. Some examples include:

 Engineers study planets to design a spacecraft to operate in a planets environment, while scientists study the planets to understand them.

 Engineers study earthquakes by the by the movements in tectonic plates to design safer buildings, while the scientists study earthquakes to understand and predict when and where earthquakes may occur.